Ultra-thin optic: RXI family

The RXI is an ultra-thin optic (its depth being one fourth of its diameter) with good collimation and mixing skills, making this device compatible with spotlight applications. The more advanced optics of this family, the ultra-thin V-groove RXI, does not need metal coatings because the light is bounced by two total internal reflections (TIRs) on the back surfaces.

Another way to produce good mixing is so-called anomalous deflection, by which the luminaire optics can produce the required beam pattern and light mixing at the same time (see more). Our ultra-thin V-groove RXI collimator is among the devices that have such capability. This simultaneous-multiple-surfaces (SMS) ultra-compact device has excellent collimating properties and is compatible with spotlight applications. Its shallow profile arises from the double use of its front optical surface, which first bounces the light coming from the LED toward a grooved back mirror and later refracts the light coming from this grooved mirror. We designed the back mirror of the V-groove RXI device to feature a set of free-form grooves that bend the light by means of two total internal reflections (TIRs) that mix the light. As there are no metal coatings, injection-molding technology can mass manufacture the optic very inexpensively.