SSL4EU: high flux/luminance LED light engines

“This EU funded project has explored universally applicable LED light engine with highest luminance. SSL4EU aimed at enabling luminaire manufacturers to enter into the general illumination market thus serving as leverage to push the LED luminaire business in Europe”


SSL4EU Project finished in 2014. The concept of SSL4EU was to bundle various competencies across Europe with the aim to enable this new era of solid state lighting. The main objectives were developing miniaturized LED packages with  very light outputs & high color quality white Universally applicable LED light engines with:

  • Optimized whole LED system efficiency (LED, optics, thermal, electronics)
  • Preferred emission spectrum with respect to application (home – office – shop)
  • Correlated color temperature adapted white light dimming
  • Color tunability (all colors to white; from 2000 K to 6500 K) that are integrated into a new generation of LED luminaires.

These breakthrough approaches will keep Europe at the forefront of the energy-saving SSL business and strengthen its position in the manufacturing supply chain and the SME-driven luminaire business. In this project, LPI was the partner in charge of advanced optical design of a compact primary light-mixing optical element, and developed optical parts as well. Project website