Solar Electricity 45%. The most efficient photovoltaic module

“Utilizing a combination of LPI’s patented Fresnel-Köhler CPV architecture with spectrum-splitting enhacements and standard Si solar cells, the ultra-flat CPV concept has potential to transform the 45% of direct sun radiation into electricity, becoming the most efficient photovoltaic module”


In 2013, LPI EUROPE SL was one of the three (out of more than 750) companies selected for incubation in the 3rd call of Fondo de Emprendedores organized by Fundación Repsol. LPI presented a novel concept to  produce  photovoltaic  solar  energy  with  super-high  efficiency:  “The  high concentration ultra-flat MF45 CPV module”

The  project  evolved  from  the  need  to  develop  an  economically  viable and more sustainable energy-model through cleaner energy production. The sun, as a source of inexhaustible and non-polluting energy, is one of the most promising alternatives in the green energy fields. In order to make it competitive and independent of subsidies policies, it is essential to lower the price of the KWh (by both lowering manufacturing costs and by increasing yearly electricity production. The MF 45 module, despite being really simple and manufacturable at low costs, can potentially increase efficiency by 60%, relative to the best photovoltaic (PV) flat panel on the market (two-axis tracking), lowering the electricity generation costs and reducing the footprint needed to build solar plants.

The MF 45 is an ultra-flat high-concentration photovoltaic system (CPV) of very high efficiency,  which  may  convert  the  equivalent  of  45%  of  solar  direct radiation  into electricity. This very high efficiency is obtained not only due to the simplicity and high performance  of  the  optical  system,  but  also  thanks  to  the  optimal use of  solar  spectrum (using ultra-high efficiency 4-junction concentration cells (MJ) and the use of diffuse radiation as well by means of low-cost silicon (Si) solar cells panel embedded in the concentrator system.

A MF 45 module with a 6 x 9 array of individual four-channel lenses was designed and manufactured within the scope of the project financed by Fundación Repsol.