Shell Mixer: the small magical optics

The Shell Mixer is placed over a multi-color chip LED and produces perfect color mixing without compromising collimation. Optical efficiency is >90%.

More and more applications are starting to use multi-color LEDs. With most optics these Red-Green-Blue (RGB) and Red-Green-Blue-White LEDs create distinctive and unattractive color artifacts. Placing the Shell Mixer (aka Shell Integrator) over a multi-color LED eliminates these artifacts.

  • Cap is placed over the LED source
  • When placed over an RGGB LED, the source behaves like a white source
  • Also, eliminates problems like color shadows and multiple shadows
  • Apparent size of the source increases only slightly (typically by 20%)
  • Ètendue dilution is very small, very narrow collimation angles are possible
  • Realistic losses as low as 3%.

Find more about the shell mixer here.