Here you can find main LPI projects highlighted. New Solid State Lighting (SSL) light sources have led to a revolution in the automotive industry. LEDs offer unique styling possibilities, low power consumption, long lifetime and compactness. LPI offers striking-style solutions, as demonstrated in the recently released “Jewel Eye” headlamps for the 2014 Acura RLX.

LPI has worked with numerous automotive companies and tier-one headlamp manufactures, beginning in 2001 with GM, to develop the first totally integrated LED low beam headlamp for Cadillac. LPI designs offer competitive options for other functions as well, such as RCLs (Rear Combination Lights), CHMSLs (Center High Mounted Stop Lights) and DRLs (daytime running lights).

Solar Energy

LPI has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art high-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) system. LPI has been the leading optical design/development partner in the development of HCPV systems with companies such as Boeing, Pirelli, Mitsui, Daido Steel, Chroma Solar, Azurspace and BSQ solar, among others.

The performance and simplicity of LPI-patented HCPV optical systems, along with other practical advantages, enable both increased electricity production over the year and lower manufacturing costs, which are the key aspects to make these renewable systems competitive with conventional forms of electricity.

Advanced Illumination

LPI has developed a large family of optics for general Solid State Lighting (SSL) for Indoor and Outdoor applications. These optics are designed using the most advanced design methods in Nonimaging Optics, including LPI’s patented Simultaneous Multiple Surfaces (SMS) method. SMS designs provide very high efficiency, output beam control and offer patent-protected products.

LPI novel General Illumination optics include low profile RXI® and V-Groove RXI collimators, RGB color  mixing optics and “Virtual Filaments®”, which is used in SSL bulb replacements.

Some of the areas where we have helped customers be successful:   Indoor Lighting: LED Virtual Filament® bulbs, down lights, spot lights, reading lights, museum illumination, retail, residential, industrial, and office illumination. Outdoor Lighting: garden lights, stadium high power lights, hi-bays, billboard lighting, street lights, Exterior building accent lights, wall washing lights.