New Publication Illumination Engineering

    IlluminationEngineeringllumination Engineering:Design with Nonimaging Optics edited by R. John Koshel has just been released by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. This book brings together experts in the field of Nonimaging Optics many of whom are members of the LPI design team. They present material on a number of important and growing topics including lighting, displays, and solar concentrators. The field of illumination is quite old, but research into the use of nonimaging optics to provide high transfer efficiency to a distribution of radiation has recently provided exciting and practical results. There is some confusion as to the difference between illumination and nonimaging optics, but as Doctor Koshel explains in the preface: “. . . in the simplest sense, illumination demands an observer, while nonimaging optics strives to obtain a desired distribution and/or efficiency.”

    The first chapter provides an overview of the field of nonimaging and illumination optics including terminology, units, definitions, and descriptions of the optical components used in illumination systems. The next two chapters provide material within the theoretical domain, including etendue, etendue squeezing, and the skew invariant. The remaining chapters focus on growing applications.

    The editor, John Koshel, is one of the most prominent leading experts in this field, and he is the right expert to perform the task. This entire field of nonimaging optics is an evolving field, and the editor plans to update the technological progress every two to three years.