Dr. Juan Carlos Miñano receives the Special Achievement Award in the 1st CPV Today Awards

    The 1st CPV Today Awards Ceremony was held on November 18th at the Meliá Lebreros in Seville. In its first edition, the CPV Today Awards will focus on recognizing companies and individuals that have worked towards taking CPV to the next level – from the R&D efforts to the commercial stage.

    The finalists for this award were Dr. Kenji Araki, of Daido Steel, Co (Japan) Dr. Tom Tibbits of QuantaSol Ltd (United Kingdom) and Prof. Juan Carlos Miñano of Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain).

    The award was given to Prof. Miñano during the Awards Ceremony held in conjunction with the 3rd Concentrated Photovoltaics Summit which was held November 18, 2010 in Seville. The following are comments which were made in the announcement of Prof. Miñano as a finalist.

    Prof. Juan Carlos Miñano has been involved in CPV since 1982, when he started his PhD activities. Since then, he has been working in all the different concentration strategies of CPV; from static concentration with silicon cells, up to High Concentration PV with multi-junction cells.

    Prof. Miñano has acquired a deep insight in the field, particularly in Nonimaging Optics for CPV. He has developed several optical design techniques with immediate application to CPV, being the most well known of them the so called the Simultaneous Multiple Surface (SMS) design method. Miñano has published more than 50 journal papers, 100 congress presentations and several dozens of patents, most of them directly related with CPV.

    Since 1997 he is Professor at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and since 2000 he also collaborates with LPI, Inc. as Senior Scientist. Earlier this year he was honored with the A.E. Conrady Award (2010) given by SPIE “in recognition of his exceptional contributions in developing new design methods and devices in Nonimaging Optics”