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High concentration LPI Ventana system to be deployed by CSDR in Mexico

    CSDR means to use LPI’s Ventana power train, based on the patented high concentration FK technology in the new plants to be deployed in Mexico. CSDR and LPI are currently negotiating licensing terms and final system characteristics, with the aim of achieving the optimal performance characteristics. LPI’s FK systems offer the maximum concentration and acceptance/tolerance angles

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    LPI at Led Professional Symposium LPS 2016

      LPI was in Bregenz, LED professional symposium, to present the most recent developments and achievements in the HI-LED project, financed by the FP7 program of the EC. Check the project website to watch a short video introducing the project ( These include the latest free-form version of the shell mixer and the Chameleon. LPI presented

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      Brand new 2016 shell mixer

        A brand new 2016 free-form shell mixer has been prototyped, within the scope of the HI-LED project, financed by the EC under FP7 program. This shell matches the performance of the original shell but it is a 30% smaller, which makes it compatible with a sider range of LEDs and luminaire optics. The advanced optical

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        CPV handbook just released!

          The Concentrator Photovoltaic CPV handbook, published by Wiley, has just been released. Two LPI- team members, Rubén Mohedano and Maikel Hernandez, are co-authors of this book. They’ve been in charge of Chapters dealing with Concentrator Optics and Optics characterization, respectively. Congratulations! See more at Wiley page  June 2, 2016.

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          New LPI website is lighting

            The new LPI website is running!. We hope you find it useful. We have tried to improve in contents, aesthetics and clarity. If you want to know what we do in advanced optical design of high-end illumination devices and get a glimpse of our technology highlights…take a tour.

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            “SOLARGE45”: Towards a SOLAR enerGy Efficiency of 45 %

              The overall objective of the SOLARGE45 project is to accelerate the market introduction of a new Concentration PhotoVoltaic (CPV) technology, called the MF45 System, which yields the highest efficiency all year round, without giving up simplicity, and therefore enables the lowest manufacturing costs. The MF45 System will be capable to convert the equivalent of 45%

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