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Waqidi Falicoff
Executive Vice-President

Mr. Falicoff has an MA, A.A. School of Architecture, London, England and a BA, SUNY at Stonybrook, and has had a varied career in Architecture, Energy Sciences, Lighting, and Computer-Aided Design. Mr. Falicoff has also been an entrepreneur and holds patents in the fields of Thermachromics, Nonimaging Optics, Solid State Lighting, Thin-Film Filters and Chemical Solvent Systems. While a Professor at four Universities, Mr. Falicoff taught in the fields of architectural and energy sciences, including lighting, illumination and solar engineering. Mr. Falicoff has done pioneering work in a variety of commercial research and academic environments, in computer modeling of lighting systems and optics, including holographic optical components.

Waqidi Falicoff works at the LPI, LLC facility.


LPI staff includes some of the most recognized names in the field of nonimaging optic, including: Prof. Juan Carlos Miñano, A. E. Conrady Award recipient and SPIE Fellow; Prof. Pablo Benitez, co-inventor of the SMS method and recognized expert in the fields of SSL and solar; Waqidi Falicoff, lighting and solar specialist; Julio Chaves, author of the widely used book, "Introduction to Nonimaging Optics", Second Edition; and Ruben Mohedano and his team of 5 designers, all with PhDs from the prestigious Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

These experienced optical scientists, combined with its extensive fabrication know-how, make LPI uniquely capable of conducting developmental projects with minimum time-to-market.